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Nombre (de pila) Kristina
Comité Olímpico Nacional
GER GER - Alemania
Fecha de Nacimiento
20 junio 1988
Equipos Arquería Germany
Lista de Eventos Arquería Arco Compuesto Equipo Mixto
Arquería Arco Compuesto Femenino
Major Achievements Germany s Kristina BERGER is the rising star of compound archery. Just weeks after placing second in her first World Cup event in Antalya, she led her team to the gold medal at the European Championships before claiming the individual gold medal as well. The revelation of the 2012 season Kristina BERGER started archery only two years before. "I used to shoot pistol a long time ago and was a four-time German National Champion between 2002 and 2004

As early as June 2011, Kristina BERGER broke the 70m world record of 351 held by the American Jamie VAN NATTA since 2007 when she shot 353 in a competition in her country. The German archer, who will celebrate her 24th birthday on 20 June, made the German National Archery Team for the first time in 2012.

Antalya 2012 was Kristina BERGER s first World Cup event, and she came close to winning it.

Two weeks after Antalya, Kristina BERGER dominated the European Championships in Amsterdam, a remarkable feat considering it was only her second international competition. She led the German team to the European title, with an easy victory 222-216 in the final over the leader Italy. In the individual event, she pulled an easy victory 141-134 against Anastasia ANASTASIO (ITA) in the final for a well-deserved second gold medal.

After shooting two international events, the new star is already ranked No. 13 of the Compound Women World.
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