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49 Event Related documents
Competition Schedule SU0000000_C08_1.0.pdf 1.0 Sumo
Number of Entries by NOC SU0000000_C30_1.0.pdf 1.0 Sumo
Entry List by NOC SU0000000_C32A_1.0.pdf 1.0 Sumo
Medallists by Event SU0000000_C93_1.1.pdf 1.1 Sumo
Medal Standings SU0000000_C95_2.1.pdf 2.1 Sumo
Daily Schedule of - 26 Jul 2013 SU0000Y01_C58_20130726_3.0.pdf 3.0 Sumo
Daily Schedule of - 27 Jul 2013 SU0000Y02_C58_20130727_8.0.pdf 8.0 Sumo
Entry List by Event SUM001000_C32C_2.0.pdf 2.0 Men's Lightweight
Start List Summary SUM001000_C52_3.0.pdf 3.0 Men's Lightweight
Result Summary SUM001000_C74_5.0.pdf 5.0 Men's Lightweight
Brackets SUM001000_C75_15.0.pdf 15.0 Men's Lightweight
Medallists SUM001000_C92_1.0.pdf 1.0 Men's Lightweight
Entry List by Event SUM002000_C32C_1.0.pdf 1.0 Men's Middleweight
Start List Summary SUM002000_C52_2.0.pdf 2.0 Men's Middleweight
Result Summary SUM002000_C74_7.0.pdf 7.0 Men's Middleweight
Brackets SUM002000_C75_11.0.pdf 11.0 Men's Middleweight
Brackets Men´s SUM002000_C75_11.1.pdf 11.1 Sumo
Medallists SUM002000_C92_1.0.pdf 1.0 Men's Middleweight
Medallists Men´s SUM002000_C92_1.1.pdf 1.1 Sumo
Entry List by Event SUM003000_C32C_1.0.pdf 1.0 Men's Heavyweight
Start List Summary SUM003000_C52_3.0.pdf 3.0 Men's Heavyweight
Result Summary SUM003000_C74_3.0.pdf 3.0 Men's Heavyweight
Brackets SUM003000_C75_8.0.pdf 8.0 Men's Heavyweight
Medallists SUM003000_C92_1.0.pdf 1.0 Men's Heavyweight
Entry List by Event SUM004000_C32C_2.0.pdf 2.0 Men's Open Division
Start List Summary SUM004000_C52_5.0.pdf 5.0 Men's Open Division
Result Summary SUM004000_C74_12.0.pdf 12.0 Men's Open Division
Brackets SUM004000_C75_19.0.pdf 19.0 Men's Open Division
Medallists SUM004000_C92_1.0.pdf 1.0 Men's Open Division
Entry List by Event SUW001000_C32C_1.0.pdf 1.0 Women's Lightweight
Start List Summary SUW001000_C52_3.0.pdf 3.0 Women's Lightweight
Result Summary SUW001000_C74_8.0.pdf 8.0 Women's Lightweight
Brackets SUW001000_C75_14.0.pdf 14.0 Women's Lightweight
Medallists SUW001000_C92_1.0.pdf 1.0 Women's Lightweight
Entry List by Event SUW002000_C32C_1.0.pdf 1.0 Women's Middleweight
Start List Summary SUW002000_C52_2.0.pdf 2.0 Women's Middleweight
Result Summary SUW002000_C74_6.0.pdf 6.0 Women's Middleweight
Brackets SUW002000_C75_12.0.pdf 12.0 Women's Middleweight
Medallists SUW002000_C92_1.0.pdf 1.0 Women's Middleweight
Entry List by Event SUW003000_C32C_1.0.pdf 1.0 Women's Heavyweight
Start List Summary SUW003000_C52_2.0.pdf 2.0 Women's Heavyweight
Result Summary SUW003000_C74_6.0.pdf 6.0 Women's Heavyweight
Brackets SUW003000_C75_8.0.pdf 8.0 Women's Heavyweight
Medallists SUW003000_C92_1.0.pdf 1.0 Women's Heavyweight
Entry List by Event SUW004000_C32C_1.0.pdf 1.0 Women's Open Division
Start List Summary SUW004000_C52_5.0.pdf 5.0 Women's Open Division
Result Summary SUW004000_C74_8.0.pdf 8.0 Women's Open Division
Brackets SUW004000_C75_15.0.pdf 15.0 Women's Open Division
Medallists SUW004000_C92_1.0.pdf 1.0 Women's Open Division