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Evangelista Mora Coliseum

The venue was built for the VII National Athletic Games of 1954. Its metallic structure corresponds to a hangar brought from Panama. It was ordered by the President Gustavo Rojas Pinilla for its installment at the Marco Fidel Suárez Air Base. At the end, the hangar was fixed in the Sport Unit where it is located currently. The coliseum has a 3.586 square meters of area and a capacity of 3.340 spectators.

In 1992 its roof was replaced by another lighter and acclimatized, however its glaced acoustic cover was removed. For the 1st Ocean Pacific Games of 1995, the facades of the coliseum were renewed, also its dressing rooms, public restrooms, referee areas, infirmary and the cafeteria.

The Evangelista Mora Coliseum has an alternative court, cover with a metallic roof and wooden floor, which is used by la Liga Vallecaucana de Baloncesto (Basketball Valle’s League) for the training of all its categories. Adjacent to it, there are basketball courts, in cement and without roof, which are used for teaching children how to play basketball. Finally la Casa del Deporte (The House of Sport) is located in a building with 3 floors where the region’s leagues offices operate; it was founded in 1966 and is currently known as Indervalle.

Between the House of Sport and the Evangelista Mora Coliseum, there are the hockey and artistic roller skating facilities, measuring 40 meters per 20 meters, and a small stands for 120 people approximately.

Besides hosting the National Athletic Games in 1954, this venue had held several National, South American, Central American and Pan-American championships of different disciplines such as basketball, volleyball, hockey, fighting, and judo, among others.

The Evangelista Mora Coliseum will be scenario of The World Games 2013 for ju-jitsu and karate competitions.