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It is one of the most visited entertainment complexes of south-western Colombia with a capacity of 20,000 visitors daily. It was inaugurated in 1983 with the intention to serve and provide enjoyment for people of lower incomes.

In its nearly 200,000 square meters of surface, one can encounter some interesting water rides, such as the wave pool (which was actually the first pool of its kind in the country) the tarzanera pool, the semi-Olympic pool, the children's interactive pool, the bumper boats pool, and three slides (Kamikasi, Family, Hidrotubo).

A highlighted area is the one with rides like the roller coaster, a Kart track, a bumper cars area, and for children, an area with more than 20 playgrounds. Also, part of the fun of the park offers a fishing lake, soccer field, five-a-side soccer, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, softball field, two kiosks with a capacity for 2000 people, and an entertainment area.

In addition to this wide range of entertainment options, the park has a complete infrastructure service that includes seven restaurants, fast food, ice cream, health post, bathrooms, and more. 

The park's facilities are harnessed to offer visitors different kinds of events, such as musical performances, dance, theater performances, art exhibitions (painting, clay, crafts), as a way to encourage forms of interaction that complement healthy fun with culture.

This park will be the venue for the preliminary field archery competition in The World Games 2013, including the special categories such as: barebow, curve and composite.

Location: Cra 8 # 39-01

Phone: +57-2- 438 4820 Ext. 112-113