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Family name LANG LANG
Given name Erika
National Olympic Committee
USA USA - United States of America
08 November 1995
Event List Water Ski Women's Jump
Water Ski Women's Slalom
Water Ski Women's Trick
Major Achievements I have had many important achievements in waterskiing. I have not only won some very prestigious competitions, I also have experienced many things that many kids of my age haven t and probably never will. My best achievement was when I won the World Cup Stop in Mandurah, Australia, and the Moomba Masters earlier this year. However, winning and breaking the Jr. World s Trick and Overall titles were huge accomplishments to me as well. My goal in the sport is to break the World Record and to take the sport to a whole new level where women are more comparative to men. Winning competitions is definitely a thrill but I think that Wayterskii gives me many amazing and unique opportunities. I love competing internationally and seeing amazing places and meeting the coolest people in the world.
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